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We’ve hummed and hawed for quite awhile about the topic of our first blog post. Should it be a recipe? An introduction? By one of us or both of us? We finally decided that we would tell you, our readers, our thoughts about each other’s fridges. You might be thinking “fridges are a strange subject to blog about, even on a food blog,” but we think that our fridges will tell you a lot about us and our food personalities.

Clarey’s Fridge (by Kendra)

The thing that always strikes me about Clarey’s fridge is its vast emptiness. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that there isn’t any food in the house (her freezers and pantry are well-stocked), but there is rarely much in the fridge. I think the last time I personally opened it, I noticed  a milk pitcher, ½ a cucumber and a container of strawberries, along with a few condiments. There may have been some marble cheese in there as well. This stands in stark contrast to my fridge, as I am sure you will come to better understand when you read Clarey’s portion of this post. While her fridge may be empty, her freezer and pantry are anything but empty. They are almost always well-stocked with multiple kinds of frozen meat she has found on sale (and probably couponed for), freezer meals, frozen berries, juice, bread and several kinds of baked goods. If I walked into most people’s houses and found an empty fridge, I would think “gee, this person must not like to cook” or “they must eat out a lot”, but with Clarey, I know that she doesn’t need a full fridge to be able to provide good, healthy meals for her family. You see, the outside of her fridge tells more about her personality than the inside ever could. On the outside, you will find a meticulously written grocery list, a weekly meal plan, and an inventory of all the things she has in the freezer. She knows exactly what her family will eat for the week and then peruses the local flyers, finds the best deals, and buys what she needs to avoid being wasteful. If there is a good deal on something, she will freeze what she doesn’t use. Guests in her home don’t go without, as there is often an offer of a homemade brownie or cookie and a cup of tea, even when the visit is unexpected. So, even though her fridge isn’t stuffed to the brim, it tells a tale of her organized, thrifty, and giving personality-a personality that I have come to greatly admire over the past few years of getting to know her.

(Disclaimer: In this picture, I would actually consider her fridge pretty full)

cid_7 (1)

Kendra’s Fridge (by Clarey)

Kendra’s fridge… where to start?! There is so much food in that thing! Just today I came over to her house and she had a pan that needed to go in the fridge and she had to move around everything in order to make it fit. Her exact words, “I need to put this in the fridge… but where…” and then the rearranging began. But so you know, she managed to fit it in! I just don’t know how she does it though. I get really stressed out by a full fridge. It’s probably the idea of not being able to see what I have and therefore perfectly good things going to waste. And Kendra just admitted she had a jar of banana peppers that have been at the back of her fridge for 2 years. Her husband’s response? “We’re going to die when we eat those!”. Other descriptions of their fridge by her husband included, “It smells funky” and “It’s a disorganized array of things”. I wouldn’t go as far as that though. I have every confidence that Kendra knows what is in her fridge (she does know the banana peppers are there) and where the funky smell is coming from (though I’ve never smelled anything funky coming from it). To give a true description of the fridge, it’s packed to the brim. There are always at least 5 different kinds of cheeses, various Greek yogurts and lots of fruits and vegetables (she used to have lots of herbs too but this summer she has a lovely herb garden on her back patio). And ohhhhh, the condiments. I am currently looking into her fridge and see 4 types of hot sauce, 3 types of mustard, 3 different Asian sauces, tahini, horseradish, pickles, chutney and all the usual condiments you can think of… jam, ketchup, relish, etc. Of course she has eggs, lots of eggs. And there are egg whites. On top of that there is milk, almond milk, juice… oh my there is a lot of food in there. AND there is always at least one ‘creation’, something she has tried making, usually successfully, that I have to try when I come over. Today it was homemade gummy candy. But that’s just Kendra’s fridge. Always lots of food, endless possibilities of what could be made. It’s wonderful if you look at it that way! No wonder she says, “my favourite thing to do in the kitchen is to take a bunch of random ingredients in my fridge and create something new!” (as quoted from our “about us” page). I must say, it’s always fun coming over and seeing what new creation she has in the fridge!


Hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into our personalities via our fridges. Stay tuned for some great recipes coming soon!


  1. Risemary

    July 13, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    Oh my! My worst nightmare was when I was in the hospital for a few weeks when Jake was born and my mother-in-law came over and cleaned my fridge! Fridges are weird. You usually ask before going into someone’s fridge and everyone has their own way of keeping it as you’ve so nicely pointed out to us. I’m not sure which of my friends I would grant access to critique my fridge but you two seem to have worked it out! Looking forward to more food-scapades in the near future!
    PS: I’m with Kendra. Lots of condiments!

  2. Claudia

    July 14, 2016 at 12:35 am

    Ohhh the fridge… I’ve finally entered the world of having a fridge of my own to try to manage and it’s been a good learning experience. So far no lab experiments are on the go nor funny smells are coming out of it. I look forward to reading a little bit more and get an idea of where you’re going to go with this blog. Keep us posted!

  3. Paulette

    July 14, 2016 at 12:37 am

    Love it!!!! Can’t wait for more!! Congratulations.

  4. Kendra's Mom

    July 14, 2016 at 1:43 am

    Kendra’s fridge is just like her Mother’s. Her mother knows what is in hers as well! You never know, you just might be having a large dinner party that you hadn’t exactly planned until that morning. Maybe 20 friends even!!! It is important to have lots of food on hand in case someone drops by and you want to cook them some exotic appetizer or six, and the city grocery store might not be close. Have fun with this girls!!!! Maybe I will do a guest blog for you one day!

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